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ARTIFICATION (ahrt-i-fi-key-shuhn) - The process by which art is made. 

Simply, we are interested in process. 



Artification is a modern media company committed to the development, production and distribution of premium content that centers artists and people of color. Our art first philosophy enables us to amplify bold, authentic, original and fresh voices across multiple genres and platforms. 

ARTIFICATION is an entertainment media company that delivers compelling stories that center artists and people of color into the global marketplace. We collaborate with creative communities to  operates in production, sales and distribution capacities across film, television, theater and live events. Our recent releases include New York Times Critics Pick and Oscar qualified, documentary SYSTEM K and Cesar Nominated documentary THE STATE AGAINST MANDELA & THE OTHERS following its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Founded by Ezra Ezzard in 2017, ARTIFICATION is the culmination of a multitude of experiences across various  artforms and business. Our ecosystem that supports the development, growth and commercial evolution of key stakeholders.  


Our work is build on four tenets: Creativity. Imagination. Truth. Authenticity

We believe in the power of creativity. We honor imagination. We celebrate truth. 

Art is first and everything else surrenders to what the art requires. In this way, the messaging, the audiences, the buyers and partners are in engaged most authentically.  

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