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Virtual Educational and Community Screenings


What films are available for virtual screenings?

The State Against Mandela & The Others and System K.

What is the viewing platform for virtual screenings?

ARTIFICATION uses Eventive for virtual screenings. Attendees will need to type in their email to unlock the link to view the film.

Can attendees watch the film as a group on Eventive?

Eventive provides individual links for film screenings. If your organization prefers a group screening, special accommodations are available.

How long will the film be available for viewing?

Screenings are available for 7 of days and attendees have 48 hours to view the film once their email is registered on the Eventive platform. 

Are Q&As available?

Live Q&As and workshops with the director(s) and distributor are available for an additional fee.

How can I submit a screening inquiry?

Interested organizations can click on the link below to submit a screening inquiry. A representative will contact you following your inquiry submission.

How is payment conducted?

The point-of-contact listed on the screening inquiry submission will receive an invoice once the virtual screening logistics have been finalized. Payment must be processed prior to the intended screening date.

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